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Friday, April 13, 2012

This Court had issued instructions that counsel who wished to communicate with the Court should do so by contacting Magistrate Judge Hanna directly or Chris Guidry, the Court's Case Administrator.  However, now that Special Masters, the Plaintiffs' Steering committee, and the Defendants' Lead Counsel have been appointed, all counsel and parties are asked to contact the Court through their lead counsel (or, for plaintiffs' counsel, through their Steering Committee member), or through the Special Masters. The email address previously provided,, is to be used only in all emergency, when other communications options have been exhausted. However, the noted email address can still be used for emergency filing where CTOs have not yet been fully processed by the clerk of court, and Chris Guidry or Evelyn Alexander should still be contacted for Clerk of Court issues or docketing issues.  

The Court has issued a minute entry describing the communications sequence that parties and attorneys should use.  It is posed on the Orders page.  Read more ...