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Bellwether Orders and Information          Agendas & Scheduling          Case Management Orders          Rulings


Pilot Bellwether Program Orders and Information

Case Management Orders:

CMO: Second Periodic Review - June 11, 2014

CO: Meet and Confer - August 26, 2013

CMO: Trial Settings - July 26, 2013

Scheduling Orders & Minute Entries:


Agendas & Scheduling

Minute Entry Agendas:

Upcoming Status Conference:
July 24, 2014 Status Conference is CANCELLED [Order]
June 19, 2014 Status Conference/Rule 16 Pre-Trial Conference [Order
Minute Entry: Agenda for June 19, 2014 Status Conference [Minute Entry]
Past Status Conferences:
May 2014 Status Conference Cancelled [Order]
April 2014 Status Conference Cancelled [Order]
March 2014 Status Conference Cancelled [Order]
February 2014 Status Conference Cancelled. [Order]
January 2014 Status Conference Cancelled. [Order]
ORDER re: September 26, 2013 Status Conference.

Scheduling Orders & Minute Entries:

First Amended Scheduling Order: Pilot Bellwether Program (Second Trial) - October 4, 2013

Case Management Orders (CMO)

Discovery Related Orders:

CMO: Supplemental Order on Expert-Related Issues (First Pilot Bellwether Trial) - July 16, 2013

CMO: Motions - May 21, 2013

First Amended CMO: Discovery Protocol - May 3, 2013

CMO: Protocol for In Extremis Depositions - January 8, 2013

CMO: Discovery Protocol - December 21, 2012

CMO: Discovery Stay is Lifted - July 13, 2012

CMO: Protecting the Confidentiality of Discovery Materials - July 30, 2012

EXHIBIT A - Endorsement of Protective Order


Fact Sheets:

CMO: Defendant Fact Sheets - November 13, 2012

EXHIBIT A - ACTOS Defendant Fact Sheet

EXHIBIT B - Plaintiff's Treating Health Care Provider Designation for Defendant Fact Sheet

CMO: Plaintiff Fact Sheets - July 9, 2012

EXHIBIT A - ACTOS Plaintiff Fact Sheet

EXHIBIT B - Limited Authorization to Disclose and Health Information

Filing and Service Orders:

CMO: Direct Filing and Service of Process - April 09, 2012

Rulings of the Court

As mentioned during the Status Conference on December 11, 2013 the Court is posting rulings to the website they can be found here.

*Please pardon our dust while we restructure the MDL website.