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Welcome to "News & Notes" the place where you will find general information we hope will be of benefit to all. We will, from time to time, put the answers to the most asked questions here, clarify earlier communications, and let you know general information you might not otherwise know. So, you might want to check this tab from time to time. You can also access archived MDL news and notes from this page.

Attention: The Court is updating information on several aspects of the litigation, both by adding information to this News and Notes page and by issuing new minute entries and orders, which are being posted on the Orders page. Please monitor both pages to keep current on these changes and new information, or subscribe to updates via RSS feed - link below.

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The Working Group meeting and monthly status conference scheduled for May and June, 2015 have been CANCELLED. The Court will give notice as to whether they will go forward in July. [...


A Conditional Transfer Order (CTO 89) has been posted and is available on the...


A Conditional Transfer Order (CTO 88) has been posted and is available on the Transfer Orders page.


A committee of negotiating plaintiffs' counsel and Takeda have negotiated an agreement establishing a settlement program (the "Actos Resolution Program" or "Program") for the resolution of claims alleging an injury of bladder cancer resulting...


Two Conditional Transfer Orders (CTO 86, 87) have been posted and are available on the Transfer Orders page.


The proceedings in the Actos MDL scheduled for the week of April 20, 2015 have been SUSPENDED and will be rescheduled by the Court at a later date. [...


A Conditional Transfer Order (CTO 85) has been posted and is available on the Transfer Orders page.


The PSC's and Defendants' NEF Reports and Service Lists for the period of March-April 2015 have been posted to the website.


The next MDL status conference is scheduled to begin at 10:30 a.m. in Open Court on Thursday, April 23, 2015. The agenda for the conference has been posted. Any necessary changes will be posted prior to the conference....


Two Amended Case Management Orders (Amended CMO: Protecting the Confidentiality of Discovery Materials, Amended CMO: Motions) have been posted to the website. They can be found on the pages for...


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