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Welcome to "News & Notes" the place where you will find general information we hope will be of benefit to all. We will, from time to time, put the answers to the most asked questions here, clarify earlier communications, and let you know general information you might not otherwise know. So, you might want to check this tab from time to time. You can also access archived MDL news and notes from this page.

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There will be no monthly Status Conference in November.  Instead, the Court will hold a telephone conference on November 21, 2013 to address Motions in Limine to begin at 3:30 p.m. central time.

Several Orders were posted to the Orders page.


Pursuant to CMO: Noticing Procedure, this Court ORDERD that attorneys are NOT to select "NO Activity Report" in their CM/ECF options menu.


We are pleased to announce that Evelyn Alexander, whom many of you contact for all of  your docketing needs has been promoted within the Court family and will no longer be responsible for docketing in the MDL.  We are also pleased to welcome...


An UPDATED [Draft] Minute Entry: Agenda for September 26, 2013 Status Conference has been posted to the Orders page.

Additionally, an ...


An Order requiring parties to "Meet and Confer" prior to the filing of any Motions in Limine has been posted to the Orders page.


The schedule for the Monthly Status Conferences set for 2014 has been posted to the Orders page and State Court Judges page.


The Minute Entry Agenda for August 22, 2013 is now posted on the Orders page.


a draft of the Miniute Entry:Agenda for August 22, 2013 Status Conference has been posted to the Orders page.


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