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FOR ONLINE PAYMENTS other than filing fees and criminal debt (see below) - Call Clerk's Office
for payment information PRIOR to completing and submitting the online form.

New Civil Actions $400
Habeas Corpus $5
Miscellaneous $46

     A filing not in a pending action, e.g.:

-Petition to Perpetuate Testimony - FRCP 27(a)

-Trustee Filings under 28 U.S.C §754

-Letters Rogatory

-Registration of a Judgment, 28 U.S.C. §1963

-Notice of a Deposition (out-of-district)

Appeal $505 ($450 to Court of Appeals; $5 for District Court; $50 Administrative Fee)
Appeal of a Magistrate Judge Ruling $37 (Criminal Misdemeanor Case)
Deposit for Garnishment $15 (answering  interrogatories)
Attorney Admission $201 (Duplicate certificate $18)
Attorney Admission, Pro Hac Vice $105
Certificate of Good Standing $18
Records Search & Certification (ONLINE payment available) $30
Exemplification Certificate (ONLINE payment available) $21
Retrieval of Record from FRC (ONLINE payment available) $64 (1st or 1 box) $39 (2nd or multiple boxes)
Certification of a Copy (ONLINE payment available) $11
Photocopying (ONLINE payment available) $0.50/page
Copy of Microfiche - Not available in this district. $6
Reproduction of recordings, proceedings, regardless of medium $30
Payment returned or denied for insufficient funds $53
Witness Fee $40
Mileage Allowance (effective 1/1/16) $0.54/mile
WEB PACER Usage - Copies $0.10/page
WEB PACER Usage - Audio Files $2.40/file
Criminal Debt (Restitution and Fines) (ONLINE payment available) See Judgment or Order
For more about Fees, visit http://www.uscourts.gov/FormsAndFees/Fees.aspx