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How do I file a sealed pleading? Or, one of my exhibits is sealed. How do I submit that?


Leave of court is required to file documents under seal unless the purpose to seal is pursant to the E-Government Act.  The events Motion to Seal Attached Document, Sealed Motion (Sealed Pleading in Civil and Sealed Entry in Criminal), and Sealed Document (Sealed Pleading in Civil and Sealed Entry in Criminal) allow for filing under seal.  The Clerk's Office will review the submission and notify you if corrective action should be taken.  To submit an exhibit or attachment to a non-sealed pleading, e-file the pleading with all attachments EXCEPT the sealed attachments.  Then, e-file a Motion to Seal Attached Document and include the sealed exhibit(s) as an attachment.  The court will rule on the motion, and , if granted, the Clerk's Office will enter the sealed exhibit(s) on the docket sheet.

If a document or exhibit has already been filed in the case, and it now needs to be sealed, you may file a Motion to Seal Previously Filed Document.  If the motion is granted, the Clerk's Office will set the seal restriction for the requested document or exhibit.