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  • Contact information changes must be made via  PACER will then electronically transmit the updates to all NextGen CM/ECF courts in which the attorney is authorized to e-file.  NOTE: The attorney's PACER account and CM/ECF account must be linked in order for the updates to transmit.

  • Only attorneys admitted to practice in the Western District of Louisiana or appearing provisionally (such as an attorney appearing pro hac vice, or representing the United States) will be authorized to electronically file documents in this court.

    If you had e-filing access prior to November 4, 2019:

    You must link your PACER account with your CM/ECF account.

    1. Log into CM/ECF with your individual upgraded PACER account credentials.
    2. Click the link and enter your CM/ECF login credentials in order to link them to your PACER account.  Call our Help Desk at 1-866-323-1101 if you do not remember your CM/ECF credentials.
    3. You are now able to e-file.

    If you did not have e-filing access prior to November 4, 2019:

    You must log in with your upgraded PACER account and submit a new e-file request for the court.

    1. Log in to Manage My Account.
    2. Click the Maintenance tab.
    3. Click Attorney Admissions/E-File Registration and follow the prompts.

    You will then need to wait for the court to process the request before e-filing privileges are activated.  You will receive an automated email once your request has been processed.

    To learn more about submitting a new e-file request, review the electronic learning module for the Manage My Account Maintenance tab in PACER.

  • Address or contact information changes must be made via  Once your information has been updated at PACER, the changes will be transmitted to all NextGen courts to which you are admitted. NOTE: The attorney's PACER account and CM/ECF account must be linked in order for the updates to transmit.

  • You must complete the Petition for Admission (click to view attorney's application page) and mail or hand deliver to the Clerk's Office for processing.  Be sure to read the instructions page of the form for other requirements such as the $206.00 admission fee, a written oath, and a certificate of good standing from the clerk of the Supreme Court of the State of Louisiana or the Louisiana Bar Association to the following address:
    Clerk, United States District Court
    300 Fannin Street, Suite 1167
    Shreveport, LA 71101
    Please note that the signatures on the endorsement page of the form MUST be original.

  • Any member in good standing of the bar of the Supreme Court of Louisiana is eligible for admission to the bar of this court.

  • No, the Western District of Louisiana has not authorized this practice as it is not necessary. No appearance is necessary or required for admission to this court.

  • Yes, there is a fee for admission to this court. The current fee can be located on the Forms and Fees web page at

  • A duplicate Attorney Admission Certificate or Certificate of Good Standing may be obtained by completing the online request via The fee can be found on the District Court Miscellaneous Fee Schedule web page at

  • No; however, effective November 1, 2020, the court will begin charging a triennial fee of $45.00.  This fee is applicable to all admitted attorneys (excluding government, public defenders, and pro hac vice) who have been admitted for at least three years.  The renewal fee will be charged every three years from the date of admission.

  • All correspondence and pleadings sent to the court must contain the bar roll number. This number is to be placed by your name in the signature block.

  • The names of attorneys listed on an initial pleading filed on behalf of a party are placed on the docket sheet. Pursuant to LR83.2.12, where counsel has appeared for any party, other counsel my appear for the same party only:

    1. Upon motion of counsel of record for that party, or motion consented to by him/her;
    2. Upon motion, after counsel for the party has been permitted to withdraw or has died, or is incapacitated, or cannot be found; or
    3. Upon motion of a party after notice to counsel of record and a hearing thereon.
  • Pursuant to LR 83.2.11, the original counsel of record shall be held to represent the party for whom he or she appears unless the court permits him or her to withdraw from the case. He or she may obtain permission only upon joint motion to substitute counsel or upon a written motion served on opposing counsel and the client before the court acts. If other counsel is not thereby substituted, the motion to withdraw shall contain the present address of the client and the client’s telephone number if the client can be reached by telephone. The motion shall be accompanied by a certificate of service, including a statement that the client has been notified of all deadlines and pending court appearances, on both the client by certified mail and opposing counsel, or an affidavit stating why service has not been made.