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Important E-Mail Addresses

The appropriate method for pro se litigants to send filings to the court is U. S. mail. The court does not accept filings to the e-mail addresses below pursuant to Administrative Procedures.

Unauthorized submissions and any attachments sent via e-mail are not reviewed by the court and will not receive a response.

E-Mail Address


  For Notice, Consent, and Reference of a Civil Action to a Magistrate Judge form. Please do not include chambers on an e-mail to this group.

  For submitting documents to be filed in cases sealed in their entirety.

  For filings when CM/ECF is inoperable.

  For submitting charging documents only (e.g., criminal complaints, bills of information, etc.).   Help Desk email address; for questions regarding filing in CM/ECF.


Jury E-Mail Addresss   Division



   Lake Charles