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Fees and Online Payments


Click HERE to make payments on criminal assessments, fines, and/or restitution.


Please call the Clerk's Office (337-593-5000) for payment information PRIOR to completing
and submitting the online form below.  Please also note that the form is for paper copies only.

Electronic copies may be obtained from or by contacting the Clerk's Office.

Click HERE to request and pay for any of the items in the section below.

Records Search and Certification $31
Exemplification Certificate $22
Retrieval of Record from FRC $64 (1st or 1 box) $39 (2nd or multiple boxes)
Certification of a Copy $11
Photocopying $0.50/page


New Civil Actions $400
Habeas Corpus $5

   A filing not in a pending action, e.g.:

-Petition to Perpetuate Testimony - FRCP 27(a)

-Trustee Filings under 28 U.S.C §754

-Letters Rogatory

-Registration of a Judgment, 28 U.S.C. §1963

-Notice of a Deposition (out-of-district)

Appeal $505 ($450 to Court of Appeals; $5 for District Court; $50 Administrative Fee)
Appeal of a Magistrate Judge Ruling $38 (Criminal Misdemeanor Case)
Deposit for Garnishment $15 (answering  interrogatories)
Attorney Admission $206 (Duplicate certificate $19)
Attorney Admission, Pro Hac Vice $105
Duplicate Certificate of Admission or Certificate of Good Standing $19
Smart Scan Service (copies of documents stored at a Federal Records Center - MAXIMUM of 100 pages)

$10 Judiciary Fee

$9.90 Flat Rate Pull Charge


Copy of Microfiche - Not available in this district. $6
Reproduction of recordings, proceedings, regardless of medium $31
Electronic copy of record not stored in CM/ECF $31
Payment returned or denied for insufficient funds $53
Witness Fee $40
Mileage Allowance (effective 1/1/18) $0.545/mile
WEB PACER Usage - Copies $0.10/page
WEB PACER Usage - Audio Files $2.40/file
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