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How do I get admitted to practice in the Western District of Louisiana?


Becoming admitted to practice in the Western District of Louisiana is now available online.

Go to

  1. Log in to Manage My Account.
  2. Click the Maintenance tab.
  3. Click Update Attorney Admissions/E-File Registration.
  4. Select District Court.
  5. Select Western District of Louisiana.
  6. Click Attorney Admission and E-File.
  7. Complete all sections of Attorney Admission.  Required information is indicated by the red * asterisks.
  8. Upload required documents: 1) Endorsement Certificate* and 2) Certificate of Good Standing** from Louisiana Supreme Court or the Louisiana Bar Association.
  9. Select Payment Information.
  10. Acknowledge, read, and agree to terms, conditions, and local requirements.
  11. Submit.

After the Court approves the petition for admission, the attorney will receive an email to submit payment.  After payment is processed, the Court will finalize the petition and mail the attorney a Certificate of Admission.

*Endoresment Certificate must be completed by an attorney who is already admitted to practice, in "Active" status, and in good standing with the Western District of Louisiana.
**Certificate of Good Standing must be of recent date (within last six months).