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Electronic Courtroom Equipment Training


It is recommended that all trial counsel set up an appointment with the judges’ Courtroom Deputy or the Electronic Courtroom Administrator to become familiar with the operation of the various electronic presentation equipment available in the courtroom, including, but not limited to the Visual Presenter (or Elmo), Touch Screen Monitor(s), and TrialDirector Presentation Software.
Please contract the following person where applicable:


Location JUDGE Link to Courtroom Deputy
Lafayette Summerhays Link ]
  Juneau [ Link ]
  Mag. Whitehurst Link ]
  Mag. Hanna Link ]
Shreveport Hicks Link ]
  Foote Link ]
  Walter Link ]
  Mag. Hornsby Link ]
Lake Charles Unassigned Link ]
  Mag. Kay Link ]
Alexandria Drell Link ]
  Mag. Perez-Montes Link ]
Monroe Doughty Link ]
  James [ Link ]
  Mag. Hayes Link ]