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Using Your Own Equipment in the Courtroom

First: Get permission

If permitted by the judge, counsel may choose to use their own personnel and equipment (or hire a third party) to present exhibits at a court proceeding.  If they choose to use their own equipment (or hire out), they must first get permission directly from the judge to use the specific piece of equipment (i.e., personal computer, boom box, or cd player) during the court proceeding.  Once the judge has given them permission, they will be cleared with the court security officers to bring the equipment into the building.

Second: Schedule an appointment to test the equipment prior to the court proceeding

Once the person and piece of equipment have been cleared, you must schedule an appointment with the courtroom deputy no less than 7 days prior to the proceeding to test the equipment to be used.  Not all outside equipment will work with the court's systems.  Click HERE to schedule an appointment.