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I just received a NEF for an Administrative Entry. What does that mean? Did I do something wrong?


Not necessarily.  Administrative entries are entered during the quality control process of e-filed documents.  Some common reasons for entering Administrative Entries include:

  • If a motion containing multiple reliefs (i.e., Motion to Dismiss and for Attorney' Fees) is filed with only one relief (i.e., Motion to Dismiss).  The additional relief sought (i.e., Attorney's Fees) will need to be entered as an administrative entry.
  • If an e-filed document is filed using the wrong event (i.e., Motion to Intervene e-filed as a Complaint in Intervention).  The correct event is entered as an Administrative Entry.  Other corrections to the docket sheet may need to be made.
  • If two or more documents are filed as one (i.e., Answer to Complaint and Motion to Dismiss filed as one pleading), an administrative entry will be entered to capture the part of the pleading that was not properly e-filed.
  • If a jury demand is requested in the pleading, but not captured during e-filing, an administrative entry will be entered to ensure a jury is present during the trial.
  • When a Notice of Removal or Response to Removal Order is filed, some state court pleadings will be docketed as an administrative entry.