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09/07/2021 - 11:30
The U.S. District Court has an office area located at 201 Jackson St. Suite 307, Monroe, La.. This area contains approximately 1,500 square feet and is due for cyclical maintenance upgrades. At this time the Court would like to repaint this area. This area contains multiple offices with employees being relocated during the renovation work. In addition, the Court would like to remove all carpeting/LVT and replace. Coordination between the court, carpet contractors, and painting contractors will be required to phase the work with minimum disruption of schedules to employees and contractors. The Court will remove furniture from the area and place it into storage during the renovation period.

Good Morning, My name is Glenn Richard and I am the Contracting Officer for US District Court. I have a Carpet and Painting renovation project at the US District Courthouse located at the Federal Courthouse, 201 Jackson Street, Monroe, La. 71301. I’ve attached the bid package documents pertaining to this project for review.   Please email questions and concernsto me at   Questions and answers will be sent to all parties for uniformity. Thank You, Glenn Richard Contracting Officer Level 3 Louisiana Western District Court Office: 337-593-5123 Cell: 337-654-0450