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When someone files a document with the court, does the system automatically serve the other parties or does the user have to do something extra to serve the others? And, what do the other parties actually receive?


When a document is filed in CM/ECF, a Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) is automatically generated and e-mailed to ALL parties and/or attorneys who are registered with an e-mail address unless noticing for a particular party/attorney has been deactivated.  the NEF includes the text of the docket entry, the unique electronic document stamp, and a list of the case participants receiving or not receiving e-mail notification of the filing, and a hyperlink to the actual document filed.  Most recipients will receive one free look at the document.
If the document is filed under seal or includes any manual attachments (sealed or otherwise), the filer is responsible for sending a copy to the other parties/attorneys in the case.  The court does not notice/serve sealed documents filed by the parties.