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NEF Reports & Service Lists

In accordance with Case Management Order: Notice Procedure [Doc. 3398], Notices of Electronic Filing ("NEFs") are only sent to the Special Masters, the PSC, and Lead Defense Counsel, before being forwarded to other attorneys by designated counsel for each side. The designated counsel maintain records of which NEFs are sent out and to whom, and submit monthly reports of all NEF activity to the Court. The table below provides links to the NEF Reports and Service Lists that have been provided by the designated counsel in compliance with the Court's Order.


The NEF Reports and Service Lists linked are filed in the MDL docket (6:11-md-2299), but are not spread to any individual cases, so are provided here free of charge.  <<--Click here for PDF file.


NOTE: The PDF file is an 83 megabyte file and may take some time to download.


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