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Thursday, October 15, 2020

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     Appropriate public notice and an opportunity to comment having been given pursuant to Rule 83 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and pursuant to the majority vote of the active judges of this court, IT IS ORDERED that the Local Rules for the United States District Court, Western District of Louisiana, are amended as follows:

LR83.2.1 Roll of Attorneys

The bar of the court consists of those lawyers admitted to practice before the court who have taken the prescribed oath.

LR83.2.3 Procedure for Admission

A         In General. Each applicant for admission to the bar of this court shall file an online application at using his or her upgraded individual PACER account and endorsed by one member of the bar of this court listing the applicant's residence and office address, his or her general and legal education, the courts  that have admitted him or her to practice, and stating that the applicant is qualified to practice before this court, is of good moral character, and is not subject to any pending disbarment or professional discipline procedure in any other court. If the applicant has previously been subject to any disciplinary proceedings, full information about the proceedings, the charges and the result will be given.

B.         Oath, fees, time to complete application. The petitioner may then be admitted in open court, in chambers or by mail, and upon taking an oath to conduct himself or herself as an attorney or counselor of this court uprightly and according to law and to support the Constitution of the United States. He or she shall then, under the direction of the clerk, pay the fee required by law and any other fee required by the court. Unless such a motion for admission is made within six months of the filing of the petition, the clerk may destroy the petition and a new petition will be necessary before the applicant can be admitted.

C.        Payment of triennial fee. In addition to the fee paid upon admission to the bar of this Court, every attorney admitted shall pay a fee of $45.00 every three years to the Clerk of Court. The triennial fee will be due in the month the attorney was first admitted to this court. As the fee comes due, an attorney will receive an email giving them notice that the payment is due within 30 days. If not paid, an attorney will be moved to inactive status after a final payment notice has been sent to the attorney's last known email address for noticing. Attorneys admitted in the second or third year of any triennial period, will not be required to make payment until the next triannual period.

    1. Any attorney moved to inactive status under the provisions above shall be automatically reinstated without further notice upon payment of fees.
    1. An attorney who has retired or is not engaged in the practice of law before this Court may advise the Clerk of Court in writing that the attorney desires to assume inactive status and discontinue the practice of law before this Court. Upon the filing of such a notice, the attorney shall be moved to inactive status. An attorney in inactive status shall no longer be eligible to electronically file in this court and shall not be obligated for further payment of the fee prescribed herein. Reinstatement to active status shall be granted (unless the attorney is subject to an outstanding order of suspension or disbarment) upon the payment of any fees due as prescribed by this Rule.
    1. The fees and costs paid pursuant to these Rules shall be maintained by the Clerk of Court as trustee thereof in separate interest bearing, federally insured accounts with such depositories as the court may from time to time approve or invest in obligations of the United States. Funds so held will be disbursed only pursuant to the orders of the court and at no time will they be deposited into the Treasury of the United States.

D.         Appearance on Behalf of the United States. Any attorney representing the United States or any agency thereof, having the authority of the government to appear as its counsel, may appear specially and be heard in any case in which the government or such agency is a party, without formal or general admission.

Attorneys covered under this section are exempt from payment of any fees for admission, membership renewal or pro hac vice appearance while so employed.

LAR64.5 Notices

Unless otherwise ordered by the court, or otherwise provided by law, all notices required to be published by statute, rule, or order of court shall be published in the following newspapers, depending on the district and division of the court in which filed:

Eastern District                 The_Times-Picayune/The New Orleans Advocate (
Middle District   The Advocate
Shreveport Division   Shreveport Times/The Times
Monroe Division   The News-Star
Alexandria Division   The Town Talk
Lake Charles Division   American Press
Lafayette Division   The Daily Advertiser


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