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Rulings of the Court


Stipulations by the Parties


STIPULATION Regarding the application of New York Law

STIPULATION of Dismissal With Prejudice of Certain Claims

Post-Trial Motions

Final Amended Memorandum Ruling: Defendants' Rule 50(b) Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law

Memorandum Ruling: Defendants' Rule 59 Motion for New Trial


Ruling: PSC's Spoliations and Rule 37 Motion for Santions (Amended)  [ORDER] (Amended)

Final Memorandum Opinion and Ruling (Amended) (Takeda Only)

Motions for Summary Judgment

RULING: Motion for Summary Judgment  [ORDER]

RULING: Motion for Sumary Judgment (Preemption)  [ORDER]

Contemporaneous Transmission of Live Testimony

RULING: Motion to Allow Live Testimony Via Contemporaneous Transmission  [ORDER/CASEMANAGEMENT ORDER]

Supplemental Order/Case Management Order: Protocol for Contemporaneous Transmission of Live Testimony

Daubert Motions

RULING : Expert Testimony Concerning "Outcome Scenario II"  [ORDER]

RULING: Expert Testimony of Kristin Kucsma, M.A., Regarding Punitive Damages Methodology  [ORDER]

RULING: Development of Bladder Cancer Within One Year of Exposure

RULING: Dr. Scott Delacroix, Urologic Oncologist

RULING: Jennifer Southgate, Ph.D  [ORDER]

RULING: Dipak Panigrahy  [ORDER]

RULING: Sebastian Schneeweiss  [ORDER]

RULING: Herbert Barton Grossman  [ORDER]

RULING: David A. Kessler, M.D.  [ORDER]

RULING: Adriane Fugh-Berman, M.D.  [ORDER]

Motions in Limine

RULING: Motion in Limine to Exclude any Evidence that Pioglitazone is Beneficial to or Decreases the Risk of Certain Types of Cancer  [ORDER]

RULING: Motion in Limine to Exclude Evidence or Testimony to the July/August 2013 AACE/ACE Diabetes and Cancer Consensus Statement  [ORDER]

RULING: Motion in Limine to Exclude Certain Evidence and Argument Regarding Rezulin and Avandia  [ORDER]

RULING: Motion in Limine to Exclude any Reference to the Number and/or Frequency of Bladder Cancer Cases  [ORDER]

RULING AND ORDER: Motion in Limine to Exclude Testimony of Helen Ge

Other Rulings

MEMORANDUM RULING: Plaintiffs' Motion for Sanctions Against Lilly  [ORDER]

RULING: Motion for Leave to Name Additional Witness  [ORDER]

MEMORANDUM RULING & ORDER: Deposition Objections