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Special Procedures

Filing and Service:

This Court has established procedures for filing and receiving notice of filings that are particular to this MDL.  These procedures were described in the First General Order - All Actions and have been amended by subsequent Orders.  For further information on the filing and service procedures, please contact the member of the PSC who has been appointed to represent the state where a case originated.


Add Parties to a Complaint:

Guidelines for Adding Parties


Cases Coming Before this Court by Way of a Conditional Transfer Order (CTO):

Once this Court has received notice that a Conditional Transfer Order (CTO) has become final, the Clerk of Court certifies and files that Order with this Court.  At that point, the cases transferred by that CTO are deemed filed within the Western District of Louisiana and within the MDL Master Case File of 6:11-md-2299 (In Re: Actos (Pioglitazone) Products Liability Litigation).  All Orders that have been filed in 6:11-md-2299 are immediately applicable to transferred cases.  Copies of those  Orders can be found on this MDL website, for informational purposes only.

Each case filed in this Court will receive an individual case file and number, which must be referenced on all future filings and under which counsel will receive notice; this individual case number will be issued upon receipt of the file from the transferor Court and processing by this Court.  During the processing period, any EMERGENCY FILINGS, only, may be filed via e-mail at: