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Request for Quotation 23-251009122023_

Open Market
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Due Date and Time: 
09/22/2023 - 17:15
The U.S. District Court has an office area located at 800 Lafayette St. Suite 3500, Lafayette, La. This area contains approximately 1,700 sq’ and is due for cyclical maintenance upgrades in this space. At this time the Court would like to remove carpeting in these areas and install new carpeting. This area contains multiple rooms.
  1. SCOPE:


Coordination between the court, and carpet contractors will be required to phase the work with minimum disruption of schedules to employees and contractors.  The Court will remove furniture from areas.



  1. Existing Carpet


  1. Remove and dispose of all existing carpet. New carpet will be 24”x24” carpet tile.
  2. The contractor shall prepare floors to receive industry standard installation of 24”x24” carpet tile.
  3. The contractor shall supply and provide industry standard carpet meeting the minimum specifications.
  4. Work areas are always to be kept clean.
  5. All walls, door frames, and baseboard moldings are to be protected from damage from carpet handling.
  6. All material and workmanship shall meet building standards.
  7. All trash is the contractor’s responsibility to be removed from site daily.  Building dumpsters shall not be used for disposal.

2.   New Carpet

      New carpet shall meet or exceed the following commercial carpet specifications.

See Attached file:   Specification (Sculpt Tile - 5T007) (pdf generated on 9_22_2023)