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Request for Quotation #23-25105082023 Painting

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06/01/2023 - 14:15
The U.S. District Court has an office area located at 515 Murray Street, Alexandria La. This area contains approximately 1,500 sq’ and is due for cyclical maintenance upgrades in some of the areas. At this time the Court would like to remove wall covering in approximately 600 sq’ areas and replace all space with painted walls. This area contains multiple rooms. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS/INFORMATION: 1. Coordination with courtroom use schedule will be required. 2. Existing rooms with wallcovering to be removed and painted. (See attached drawing schedule.) a. Remove wall covering. b. Sand, Prime, and Skim walls with minimum two coats of joint compound for uniform smooth finish. c. Sand walls as required for uniform smooth finish. d. Minimum 1 coat of latex primer and minimum 2 coats of latex paint. e. There shall be no bleed through of paint base color after final coats. f. Color to be decided after award. 3. Tools are to be cleaned only in janitor’s closet mop sink or offsite location. No joint compound to be cleaned in mop sink. 4. Work areas are always to be kept clean. 5. All hardware, and stained woodwork are to be protected from paint splatter. 6. All material and workmanship shall meet building standards. 7. All trash is the contractor’s responsibility to be removed from site. Building dumpsters shall not be used for disposal.

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