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Notice of Manual Attachment

ATTENTION: Manual attachments must be mailed or delivered to the Clerk's Office, not the Judge's chambers.

Notice of Manual Attachment - In very limited circumstances, the Clerk's Office will accept attachments and exhibits over the counter that an attorney is unable to scan either due to their size or composition.  To do so, the attorney must file the pleading and then file as an attachment a one-page document called the "Notice of Manual Attachment." In the case of motions or other documents which are referred to the judge for review and/or ruling, the pleading will not be referred until the manual attachment is received.  See the Administrative Procedures for Filing Documents for more information.

Fillable Form:     PDF     Word

Fillable Form:     PDF     Word

Instructions: Complete the form, save to your computer, and upload (in PDF) to CM/ECF with your e-filing.  Print a copy of the notice to be submitted to the court with the manual attachment within 24-48 hours of filing the pleading.