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Training (MDL)

January 24, 2013 Status Conference - Common Errors-Oversights (PDF)
March 22, 2012 Status Conference -  Accompanying Slides (PDF)
Filing in the MDL case

Returns of service - there is no need to scan all returns individually and file each one separately. Instead, the returns should be scanned as one (1) pdf document and then filed into the system. There is a prompt in the system which allows them to identify which defendants were actually served. By scanning and filing them individually, they are cluttering the docket sheet with up to as many as 8 unnecessary docket entries (most are simply duplicates of each other).  Also, the proper event to use is "Service Returned - MDL case", not affidavit of service, summons returned executed, nor certificate of service. When returns are filed incorrectly, it slows the processing of the returns as I have to go in and correct each filing. Please see the "Forms" tab for examples.