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District-Wide Orders

Court Management

Office of the Clerk of Court

SO 1.11 Summoning Jurors

SO 1.12 Retirement of records to the Federal Records Center

SO 1.13 Custody of Promissory notes in actions filed by the United States

SO 1.14 Facsimile or Digital Signatures on Subpoenas and Summonses

SO 1.15 Non-Filing of Subpoenas

SO 1.16 Sealed Documents/Items

SO 1.17 Sealing of Filed Trial or Hearing Transcripts


Office of Probation and Pre-Trial Services

SO 1.2 Authority of Probation Officer to Carry Firearms


Bankruptcy Court

SO 1.31 Procedures for consideration by the District Court of matters in cases or proceedings referred to the Bankruptcy Court

SO 1.32 General Order of Reference

Financial Administration

SO 1.41 Registry Funds

SO 1.42 Court Administration Funds

SO 1.43 Refund of Credit Card Payments

SO 1.44 Unclaimed Restitution Payments

SO 1.45 Authority of the Clerk to Receive and Disburse Restitution Payments in Pretrial Diversion Cases

Magistrate Judges

SO 1.51 Consent Jurisdiction in Civil Cases

SO 1.52 Guidelines for use of Court Reporters

SO 1.53 Magistrate Judges Authorized to Conduct Proceedings Under the Federal Debt Collection Act

Assignment of Cases

SO 1.61 Assignment of Cases to District and Magistrate Judges

SO 1.62 Reassignments in the Event of Recusal of a Judge

Civil Matters

SO 1.71 Return of State Court Records

SO 1.72 Disposition of Social Security Case

Criminal Matters 

SO 1.81 Sealed Miscellaneous Docket

SO 1.82 Hearings on Grand Jury Proceedings

SO 1.83 Special Verdict Form

SO 1.841 Collateral Forfeiture, Corps of Engineers

SO 1.842 Collateral Forfeiture, Department of Agriculture

SO 1.843 Collateral Forfeiture, National Wildlife Refuge

SO 1.844 Collateral Forfeiture, Bureau of Land Management

SO 1.845 Collateral Forfeiture, Lands Under United States Jurisdiction

                 SO 1.845 Section IV

SO 1.846 Collateral Forfeiture, Migratory Bird Treaty Act

SO 1.85 Amendment to Crack Cocaine Offense Level Guidelines

SO 1.86 Standing Order regarding Plea Packages

Standard Procedural Order re: Amendment 782 to the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines Reducing Drug Offense Levels - Effective November 1, 2014

Standard Procedural Order re: Amendment 782 to the U. S. Sentencing Guidelines Reducing Drug Offense Levels - Revised - Effective September 29, 2015

Administrative Order re: Amendment 782 to the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines Reducing Drug Offense Levels - Effective November 1, 2014

Standard Procedural Order re:  Cases Identified as Potentially Eligible for Relief Under the First Step Act of 2018 - Effective July 8, 2019

Procedural Order re: Amendment 821 to the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines - Effective November 1, 2023


SO 1.91 Leave Act And Chambers Employee

SO 1.92 Service of Process

SO 1.93 Possession and use of Electronic Devices in the Courthouse (currently suspended in the Lafayette and Lake Charles Divisions)

SO 1.94 Filing by Electronic Means

SO 1.95 Code of Professionalism

SO 1.96 Transcripts of Voir Dire

SO 1.97 Authorization to Perform Marriage Ceremonies

SO 1.98 ORDER Regarding implementation of the REAL ID Act of 2005


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